7 Healthy Lockdown Snacks

If lockdown is leading to more trips to the fridge than usual, then it’s time to revamp your snack drawer to ensure you can reach for something healthy when those hunger pangs kick in! Here’s 7 healthy snack options you can turn to, whether you’re working from home or simply spending more time indoors than usual.


Can’t get your hands on fresh fruit? No problem! Frozen fruit is just as nutritious and is readily available – oh, and it lasts for longer too, ideal for when you can’t get out and about as much. Throw some frozen berries into a bowl of natural yoghurt (use the same yoghurt you use to make your dips to really get the most of out this versatile products!) and you’re good to go! Drizzle some honey or Carb Killa® spread over the top if your sweet tooth needs it!


Simple, healthy and tasty. This snack idea has it all. And, it’s super versatile too so it can be switched up to suit different tastes. Carrot sticks are an obvious choice, but you can choose from all kinds of veggies, such as peppers, edamame beans and celery. Now, for the dip! Simply add spices and seasonings to natural yoghurt and, voila! Try adding paprika, turmeric or chilli powder or flakes if heat’s your thing or for something a little cooler, why not add fresh mint or a drop of mint sauce to yoghurt to create a refreshing dip.


In need of a protein hit? Well, beef jerky is packed with the stuff! Not only does this high protein snack taste great but it’s easy to store too and lasts longer than fresh snacks. But, be warned: some jerkies are full of sugar and made from low-quality meat. Check the label and go for jerkies with fewer ingredients and try to opt for those made using grass-fed beef, as these contain omega 3 fatty acids, meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck.


Well, well, well. You knew it wouldn’t be long before these made an appearance, right?! You can’t blame us though – our Carb Killa® bars taste just like a chocolate bar but are low in sugar and high in protein, meaning they’ll keep you feeling fuller for longer but also satisfy those sugar cravings. Carb Killa® bars are available in 12 flavours too, so there’s a flavour to suit everyone and, you don’t even need to leave your house to get hold of these treats – just head onto grenade.com place your snack order from the comfort of your sofa!


A little controversial, but since when did we do normal? There’s a fair few olive-phobes out there but these Mediterranean staples come with heaps of health benefits. They’re full of healthy mono-saturated fats and also feature powerful antioxidants, such as oleuropein. They’re also relatively low in calories, with 25 black or green olives containing around 100-170 calories, depending on their size.


A super easy snacking saviour for many, nuts are full of health benefits and are really easy to get hold of and store, making them an ideal option during self-isolation. Graze on cashews, peanuts and more while working from home or ahead of a home-workout and you’ll benefit from a number of different antioxidants, as well as healthy fats and fibre, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Containing high levels of vitamin E and B, along with magnesium, research also shows that nuts are great for boosting your immune system, which is more important than ever right now. Pair your handful of nuts with some fruit or yoghurt if you’re not a fan of them on their own. Or, if you feel like treating yourself, drizzle with dark chocolate for a sweet twist on this savoury snack.


Just cos you can’t get to the gym doesn’t mean you should miss out on your favourite post-workout beverage. Protein shakes are a great snacking option for any time of the day; blitz in a blender with fruit for the perfect morning smoothie or drink during the day to keep those protein levels topped up and your hunger cravings at bay. Our Hydra 6® protein powder is made with a unique blend of whey and casein protein, meaning it can be consumed safely during any time of the day. So, whether it’s a bedtime snack you’re after or fuel for throughout the day, we got you! Our Carb Killa® shakes are also a great alternative if you're looking for an easy grab n go option!

Snacks sorted! Now, who needs some self-isolation workout inspo? Head over to our blog, where you can read up on our 4 favourite easy yet effective home-workouts to try out!

Feature image credit: Vlad Chetan

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