Becca Wakefield: The Superhero Paramedic & Ultra Runner Pushing Boundaries

Meet Becca Wakefield, a modern-day superhero with a powerful passion for adventure and pushing her limits. Becca works tirelessly as a dedicated Paramedic for the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, helping to save lives and support her community. But not only is she a hardworking paramedic, Becca chooses to use her free time to conquer the toughest terrains and challenges that mother nature can offer (as you do!)

The daily stress of working on the front lines of healthcare can be overwhelming, but Becca has discovered a unique way to decompress and unwind. She uses her downtime to shift gears and push the boundaries of her physical and mental fitness through ultra-marathoning, and mountain climbing, all of which are topped with an icy cold plunge in remote mountain lakes. Not for the faint-hearted!


Becca's relentless determination and resilience inspire her ever-growing social media following. With a community of over 54,000 followers on Instagram, Becca shares her incredible stories, training plans, and preparations with all those that admire her grit and tenacity – including us at Grenade HQ! Check out this recent video we did with Becca, who so happens to be a big fan of Grenade (who can blame her!)

This year, Becca has set her sights on three extraordinary challenges that will test her endurance and fortitude like no other. In May, she will take on a breath-taking 100k race across the Jurassic Coast, spanning two days of intense running through southern England. Come July, Becca will face a leg-shattering 24-hour hike relay up and down the majestic Mount Snowdon in Wales, pushing her mental and physical boundaries to the extreme. Finally, in October, she will embark on an unforgettable Ultra-Marathon across the scorching sands of Wadi Rum in Jordan, known as Ultra X Jordan, a truly awe-inspiring and challenging feat.

To fuel her incredible endeavours, Becca has partnered with Grenade! We will continuously provide her with the necessary energy and support to conquer these new heights and awesome challenges.

Be sure to follow Becca's progress, gain insight into her training plans, and join her on her extraordinary adventures by following her on Instagram at @runwithbecca

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