How to Boost Your Energy

Are you struggling to find the energy to get through your 9 to 5? Does the end of a workout not come fast enough? Well then, what you need is an energy boost!

If you want some real, natural ways to boost your energy then look no further. We’ve got you.

Manage stress factors

Life can be stressful at the best of times. Add a year spent in a pandemic and, well… yeah. Enough said. Unfortunately, stress does have a big impact on our energy levels and how ‘ready’ to face the day we feel. One of the best long-term energy boosts can be simply reducing your stress levels. We say simply, yet we know it’s anything but easy to do, at times. There’s no ‘fast hack’ for managing stress.

Usually, it helps to know what’s stressing you out. Have a big project at work? Kids waking you up super early? Perhaps your puppy is too insistent about 6am cuddles? Or maybe it’s just the whole life in lockdown thing?

If it’s one of these things, a combination, or something completely different, identifying the trigger is key to the first step. Even if you don’t know what’s causing you to stress, there are still steps you can take to try and reduce those levels: • Don’t be passive about what’s stressing you out – tackle it head-on!

• Talk to someone – a problem shared is a problem halved, as the saying goes. Cliché but very true.
• Take time for yourself – read a book, take part in a hobby, go for a walk - whatever makes you happy!
• Smarter not harder – if work is your stress point, find ways to manage it effectively. Don’t burn the midnight oil, portion it out equally over the work week!
• Try a form of exercise – anything from a brisk walk to a HIIT session – you’ll be surprised how much this can help you and your sleep routine!

And finally, something we all need to hear this year in particular, don’t be so hard on yourself!

Get into a better sleeping routine

Sleep is an essential function of the human body. Just like you wouldn’t leave your phone without charge, you shouldn’t push your body to run too long without a rest. Lack of sleep leaves us sluggish, irritable and eventually unable to function. And, unlike our phones, humans tend to get a bit touchy when they’re on only 5% battery.

So, how do we get ourselves into a better sleep routine?

Try these simple but effective tips:

1. Brighten your day! More bright light exposure in the daytime helps your internal ‘body clock’ and makes you sleep better at night.
2. Keep caffeine intake low later in the day – no Grenade Energy Cherry Bombs an hour before bedtime!
3. Keep to a routine. Waking up and sleeping at similar times each day can help your body get into, and maintain, a healthy routine.
4. Minimise noise, light levels and any other environmental factors that may be negative to your sleep (sorry, you may have to keep your snoring partner).
5. Invest in a good mattress – don’t skimp on something you use for 8 hours every day!
6. Relax before sleep. Read a book, meditate, or take a shower. Do whatever helps you to get into a restful state of mind.

Of course, you could also just try counting sheep. But in all likelihood, the above tips will get you to the land of nod much faster!

Exercise regularly

This may seem a bit backwards, but hear us out! As mentioned above, exercising regularly helps our sleep routine, as it fatigues our body and often leads to a better quality of sleep.

It’s simple but effective; get your heart rate up, muscles pumping = sleep better (and then wake up feeling more energised!). Just remember, leave at least one or two hours between exercise and sleep so you don’t have trouble nodding off!

Endorphins (those happy chemicals in our brains) can keep us awake as we’re still ‘riding that high’. So, give yourself time to unwind before bed if you don’t want anything getting between you and your pillow!


Drink water… avoid alcohol

Dehydration can cause a host of troubles such as zapping you of your energy. Why? Well, because being hydrated means that oxygen flows through your body more easily.

If you become dehydrated, your body works harder to pump oxygen through the body, meaning you start to feel fatigued and less alert. Drink more water and you will feel energised as your body doesn’t have to work so hard. Simple!

Also, a big tip when it comes to drinking habits: drink less alcohol if you want to boost your energy. Alcohol makes us sleepy because it dehydrates the body.

Snacks & drinks to boost energy

Snacking is typically considered a bad habit. That’s because when we talk about snacking it’s usually associated with munching on chocolate, crisps and sweets. However, healthy snacking can be a great way for you to boost your energy! Whether you have just finished an intense workout sesh or have hit the afternoon lull in the office or at home, a quick snack can be the surge you need to keep going.

Just make sure you reach for a healthier choice like:
• Bananas
• Nuts
• Dried Fruits
• Reload Bar
• Caffeine Products

Caffeine may seem like it wouldn’t be included in a ‘healthier’ snacking list. However, when it comes to our Grenade Energy range, you can be sure you’ll get a boost as we pack 155mg of caffeine into every Sun of a Beach can. But, just as importantly, it contains zero sugar. Giving you a boost without upping your sugar intake.

For more info on how that works, read our handy blog here. All in all, there are plenty of choices when it comes to snacking for a boost. Just make sure you’re reaching for the protein bar, not the chocolate bar. No matter what you’re told – the nuts on the chocolate bar do not make it a healthier option.

Boosting your energy isn’t that hard! Good routine and making the right choices when it comes to snacks, catching some Z’s, keeping our stress in check and managing what we drink is all it takes. Take the time to sort it all out and you will have that energy boost you need in next-to-no time!

And remember, we’ve got you covered with a little Berried Alive when that 4pm slump hits!

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