Grenade OREO Gets a Twist...

It's finally here. The latest groundbreaking Protein Bar flavour from Grenade.

Following the launch of our iconic Grenade OREO Protein Bar, here at Grenade HQ we’ve spent countless hours researching the next great protein bar flavour...

Turns out we didn't need to look far, because in true OREO Twistin' and Dunkin' style we covered the OREO Protein Bar with an insanely smooth layer of white chocolate and that was enough to make us go "wow that's f*cking amazing" 🥵

Meet the Grenade OREO White Protein Bar, made with real OREO pieces.

Sold out

Not only have we twisted the flavour into more awesomeness, but the macros also stay strong! Grenade OREO White Protein Bar contains more than 20g Protein and less than 2g of sugar, making it the ultimate protein snack that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Grenade Head of Product, Rob Page, commented:

Our collaboration with OREO has been a fantastic partnership to bring high protein, low sugar snacks to the masses with the authentic flavour of OREO…now the No.1 protein bar in the UK [1]. Having launched Grenade OREO back in January, we are convinced that Grenade OREO White is going to be perfect for those wanting a protein-packed afternoon sweet treat, or those looking to boost their protein around exercise.

As always it wasn't easy keeping this under the wraps! Big shout out to those who guessed the correct flavour on the run up to launch.

If the Grenade OREO Protein Bar launch in February ‘23 was anything to go by, you’ll need to get shopping (if you know, you know).

Good luck, picking your favourite protein bar just got a whole lot trickier…

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