Are Protein Bars Healthy?

You can only eat protein bars if you’re into the gym, right? Wrong! Whether you’re a bodybuilder, into running or just looking for a healthier alternative to chocolate, snacking on a protein bar is a delicious way to pack more of the macronutrient into your diet. Plus, with so many explosive flavours in our own protein bar range, you wouldn’t want to miss out!

With the popularity of protein skyrocketing over the last few years, the big question everyone wants to know is: are protein bars healthy? And are they really worth the hype? Let’s read on to find out...

Are Protein Bars Healthy?

Grenade Bars are a perfect, healthier alternative to traditional chocolate. Still wrapped in chocolate and guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth, on average each one contains just half a teaspoon of sugar, whereas a regular chocolate bar contains 13 times that amount!

They’re also loaded with up to 20g of protein per bar, which is an essential nutrient within our diet, aiding muscle growth and recovery, while also boosting your immune system. Impressive, right?

With moderation being the operative word, we wouldn’t recommend consuming more than ONE bar a day, and for the record, our bars aren’t for kids!

When is the Best Time to Have a Protein Bar?

When to consume protein is a controversial topic. Back in the day when protein bars were consumed only by gym-goers, a widely held misnomer was that they should only be eaten pre or post-workout.

With timing a complex and nuanced issue, what’s perhaps more important for the average Joe is that overall protein macros are simply met each day, with the amount of protein needed simply split up roughly throughout the day.

Are protein bars good for weight loss?

It's pretty simple, to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume each day. This is called being in a calorie deficit, and if you’re in one of these then you’re more likely to feel hungry.

More complex than a lot of carbs, protein can be harder for the body to digest, meaning it tends to stay in your stomach longer, providing feelings of satiety. And you guessed it, if you’re not hungry, you may be less likely to snack on calorie-dense food and more likely to stay in a deficit. For more on weight loss vs fat loss, read here.

Are Protein Bars Good for Building Muscle?

Again, one of protein's many benefits is its ability to support muscle growth, maintenance, and recovery. So, if muscle building is your goal, then loading up on protein is essential! Each Grenade Bar features up to 20g of protein, so they’re a super easy way to pack in the precious nutrient. Just remember that no food on its own will ever deliver bulging biceps – you've also got to train consistently over a long period of time and maintain a healthy calorie surplus balance. Learn how to gain muscle the healthy way here.  

Healthy in moderation and a great way to support active lifestyles, hopefully you’re now a bit more informed about the benefits of our delicious protein bars. And if all that protein bar talk has got you feeling peckish, head over to our website and shop our epic range of Grenade Bars, or try out our Protein Shakes and Protein Spreads! 

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