5 reasons you need to start swimming this summer

Who doesn’t love lazing around the pool on holiday? Carefree, cocktail in hand, the pool is often a central part of your summer getaway but why not work it into your day-to-day exercise regime? Swimming offers so many benefits; whether you’re looking to burn calories, tone up or increase your fitness levels, a dip in the pool may be all you need to achieve your goals. Not sure? Well, we’ve rounded up four key benefits swimming can offer – you’ll be surprised at how much this simple exercise can do for your body and your mind.

1. It works your whole body

One thing that makes swimming stand out from the crowd is the fact that it works every single part of the body – pretty cool, huh?! So, if you’re after a full body workout, to increase your overall fitness or to tone every nook and cranny, then jump in the pool and get swimming! With many different strokes to choose from, - breaststroke’s a good place to start, if you master butterfly then you’re a legend – you can work different parts of the body while adding some variety to your session.

2. It burns calories pretty fast

If you’re set on ditching some weight, then swimming could be your answer. On average, you can burn around 400 calories after an hour of low to moderate pace swimming. Up the pace and, you guessed it, you’ll burn even more.

3. It’s accessible

Chances are, you know exactly where your local swimming baths are. And most are open pretty much all day, everyday so there’s no excuse not to get your daily dip in. Another great thing about swimming is how accessible it is for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or ability. Swimming can be a great, safe way to exercise for those with arthritis or muscle injuries. It also increases the heart rate without putting additional stress on the body, perfect for those with injury who want to up their fitness levels.

4. It improves your sleep

There’s nothing worse than the struggle to nod off. You’re tired but your brain just won’t shut off – frustrating, right? Well, an evening swim could help. As you know, swimming works the full body and burns a lot of calories. This means you’ll also be sapped of energy, which can mean you’ll find it easier to nod off. Studies also suggest that the cool temperature of the pool water can also cause you to feel sleepy as your body uses more energy to stay warm. Either way, a pre-bed-time dip in the pool could be all you need to secure a decent night’s sleep.

5. It's great for the mind

A good swim can do wonders for the body but, guess what? It can be equally as beneficial for the mind. Known to relieve stress while also combatting low mood due to the endorphins released during exercise, swimming is also a great escape for many people. It’s pretty much a solo sport, so is the perfect opportunity to escape from the world and relax.

Bit of front crawl, anyone? Who’s heading down to their local leisure centre tonight? It might just do you the world of good!

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