Thermo Detonator® vs Black Ops®: Which is best for me?

Thermo Detonator® and Black Ops®; both high quality supps, both packed with caffeine and both amazing to boost your energy levels ahead of an explosive workout! But, what’s the difference? And, which one is right for you? Here’s the lowdown on our two weight management staples, from their ingredients to when you should take them.

What is Thermo Detonator®?

This weight-management supp isn’t an award-winning product for no reason! The clue’s in the name really – if it’s an explosive workout you’re after, then these powerful little capsules have got you! Created using the highest quality, maximum potency ingredients, Thermo Detonator® capsules enhance focus, increase energy and also feature natural metabolism

As part of our weight-management range, Thermo Detonator® can support weight loss and a leaner physique when paired with a healthy, balanced diet and a regular training regime. These capsules can also act as an appetite suppressant, helping control the need to indulge in your favourite junk foods (although, everything in moderation, right?!)

What is Black Ops®?

Just like it’s sibling, Black Ops® was created using premium ingredients and was actually developed in conjunction with the elite US Special Ops Forces to ensure optimum results. Just like Thermo Detonator®, Black Ops® capsules include caffeine, green tea extract and cayenne, so you’ll get an intense energy boost, as well as fat burning benefits (as long as you’re practising a healthy diet and regular exercise, remember). But, instead of offering sustained energy, Black Ops® provides a shorter duration of action, making it ideal for HIIT sessions and shorter workouts. Unlike Thermo Detonator®, you won’t feel the effects of the caffeine throughout the day, as it provides a short burst of powerful energy, meaning Black Ops® can be used later on in the evening without interfering with your sleep routine – win!

When should I take Thermo Detonator®?

These explosive capsules are ideal for those looking for a supp to promote weight-loss, as well as those looking to energise their workouts. As mentioned, Thermo Detonator® helps control cravings, so if you struggle staying on track with your diet, they could also help curb that sweet tooth!

For best results, it’s recommended that you take two capsules upon waking and a further two capsules with lunch or, alternatively, take the second two capsules just before you work out. If you’re new to Thermo Detonator®, then we’d recommend testing out your tolerance and taking one capsule first thing and one capsule at lunch for the first week – no body wants the caffeine jitters!

When should I take Black Ops®?

As mentioned, due to it’s shorter form of action, Black Ops® can be taken later on in the day without interfering with your much-needed shut eye, so, if you’re in need of a pre-workout boost for that evening HIIT session, go ahead! Ordinarily, we’d recommend taking two capsules first thing and then another two capsules at lunch time. Again, to access tolerance, take just two capsules per day for the first week.

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