Just Dropped: New Sports Nutrition Range

Grenade is back doing what we do best; changing the game in Sports Nutrition. In late September, we dropped the biggest twist of 2023 so far, the groundbreaking Grenade OREO White Protein Bar. And we're not stopping there.

We've now dropped not one, not two, but TEN new products as part of our reimagined Sports Nutirtion range!

The new range is the ultimate combination of over a decade of Sports Nutrition heritage and our legendary flavours, packed into every stage of your workout. Pre, Intra and Post!

Pre workout

Get it Done whenever, wherever with Grenade Pre-Workout. Each serving is packed with high, natural caffeine to deliver the ultimate kick and focus on the days you need it the most! Inspired by the iconic Grenade Energy Drinks, each flavour will hit
your tastebuds with a refreshing zing that’ll leave you feeling ready for anything.

Available in 2 flavours of 20 servings (16.5g serving size), Berried Alive & Cherry Bomb.


Quench your thirst in the most refreshing way with Grenade BCAA; whether you’re hitting the gym or hitting 10,000 steps. This seriously fruity tasting drink delivers a massive 7 grams of BCAA, plus magnesium, B-Vitamins, Glutamine & Coconut Water Powder... all packed in to support your muscle function and electrolyte balance.

Available in 3 flavours of 30 servings (13g serving size), Peach Pear, Tropical & Strawberry Mango.

Protein powder

Finally, the iconic Grenade Protein Bar & Shake flavours you love, now in a 100% Whey Protein Blend. With a massive 30g of protein in every serving, you can hit your protein goals and support your muscle growth.

Grenade’s now officially your all-round protein powder, suited to everything from post-workout nutrition to morning smoothies.

Available in 2 flavours of 12 servings (40g serving size), Birthday Cake & Fudged Up, 

Also available in
3 flavours of 50 servings (40g serving size), Birthday Cake, Fudged Up & Strawberries and Cream