Best Protein Bars 2023 - As Chosen By You

If you're serious about fitness, health, and all things protein – then protein bars are most likely already on your radar. A good protein bar can fuel your body, enhance your performance, and promote muscle recovery to name a few! It's the perfect blend of convenience and nutrition, made for people on-the-go, weight-lifters, office workers, adventurers and anyone else in between.

However, the real challenge isn't deciding to incorporate a protein bar into your diet; it's finding one that tastes good and aligns with your personal preferences, health goals, and dietary needs.

So, what better way to put together the Best Grenade Protein Bars of 2023, chosen by our customers…

10. Caramel Chaos Protein Bar

It’s Chaos but for all the right reasons, with a whirlwind of gooey caramel goodness that satisfies your sweet tooth while delivering the protein firepower you need. Caramel Chaos may be last in this list, but don’t underestimate the OG Grenade Bar that put Grenade Protein Bars on the map!

Protein: 21g   Calories: 203kcal   Sugars: 1.5g

Caramel Chaos Protein Bar
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9. Lemon Cheesecake Protein Bar

One of your 5 a day? Not quite, but the tantalizing tang of lemon cheesecake in this Protein Bar means business and shouldn’t be missed. Launched in the Summer 2022 in true bursting-citrusy style, we’re proud the Lemon Cheesecake has paved its way into the catalogue of Grenade’s best protein bars. It’s so good, that this was only meant to be limited edition until you lemon suckers forced us to make it permanent!

Protein: 21g   Calories: 227kcal   Sugars: 1.6g

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8. Jaffa Quake Protein Bar

If self-control had a kryptonite, it would taste like our Jaffa Quake protein bar. It’s hardly surprising this triple-layered high protein in 2023s protein bar hall of fame. The delicious pairing of chocolate flavoured nougat with sweet orange caramel, all finished with crispy pieces and milk chocolate coating is not one to miss.

We’ll leave this Jaffa Quake Review here and let you decide whether it’s for you…

“Helped me reach heights I never thought I'd reach. Teaching me things, my teachers couldn't teach.”

Protein: 21g   Calories: 204kcal   Sugars: 1.4g

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7. Fudged Up Protein Bar

There’s no fudging about with this incredible bar, and clearly our customers agree as this lucky bar locks in as our 7th best seller for 2023. Stacked with only 1.7g Sugar and a mix of the three most important things in life… chocolate, fudge and lots of protein, it should be illegal for a Protein Bar to be this good.

Protein: 20g   Calories: 232kcal   Sugars: 1.7g

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6. Peanut Butter & Jelly Protein Bar

It’s peanut butter jelly time (if you know, you know). The PB&J Protein Bar has unsurprisingly made its way into our self-proclaimed protein bar hall of fame thanks to its nostalgic flavour and admirable nutritional profile. If you fancy a Jam-packed bar, that’s also jam-packed with protein and will leave you feeling more explosive than a 4th of July firework (not in that way), then this bar is calling your name.

Protein: 20g   Calories: 230kcal   Sugars: 1.8g

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5. White Chocolate Cookie Protein Bar

This one is for the White Chocolate lovers. In true Grenade style, we believe no man is left behind so in February 2016 we decided to give our milk and dark chocolate protein bars another friend by introducing a white protein bar variant – the White Chocolate Cookie Protein Bar.

It clearly paid off as this high protein sweet treat is now one of our best sellers!

Protein: 22g   Calories: 211kcal   Sugars: 1.5g

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Protein Bar Selection Box

Whilst this is not a specific flavour, it's legendary status means its deserves a medal of honour. Grenade newcomers love this bad boy, stacked with 12 different flavours, it's the ultimate way to find the right protein bar flavour, for you.

(Top Tip: You can also bag a free 5-bar welcome pack on your first order!)

Protein: N/A   Calories: N/A   Sugars: N/A

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3. White Chocolate Salted Peanut Protein Bar

Where it gets nuts. Litterally. Top 3.

Whilst the die hard Grenade fans can likely predict what’s on the podium for first and second place… White Chocolate Salted Peanut grabs the spot for the third best seller on This mind-blowing fusion of creamy white chocolate and the relentless crunch of salted peanuts helps deliver an unrivalled combination of sweet and salty flavours.

If you like white chocolate salted peanut and a whole lotta gains, then check out this whopping White Chocolate Protein Pancake Recipe.

Protein: 20g   Calories: 242kcal   Sugars: 2g

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2. Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel Protein Bar

Taking the runners up spotlight in our 2023 protein bar countdown is Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel. Armed with an insane arsenal of luscious caramel, rich chocolate chips, and a tactical touch of salt, this bar is mission-ready to conquer your cravings.

It's a flavourr rollercoaster that promises to send your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. So much so, we had to create a protein shake version!

Protein: 20g   Calories: 226kcal   Sugars: 1.4g

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1. OREO Protein Bar

The alpha of the pack - Grenade OREO Protein Bar.

Debuted in February '23, and those stocks? Decimated faster than you could pry apart that iconic OREO duo. For those on the hunt for peak performance with a side of indulgence, your search ends with the Grenade OREO Protein Bar.

Protein: 21g   Calories: 233kcal   Sugars: 1g

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When it comes to protein bars, Grenade is the brand that doesn't mess around. It's the reason Grenade sells a Protein Bar every 2 seconds in the UK! Source: IRI Total Marketplace Protein Bars unit sales 52w/e 22nd January 2023

From the sinfully delicious OREO Protein Bar to the tang-tastic of the Jaffa Quake Protein Bar, each Grenade protein bar is designed to deliver the explosive energy you need to dominate your fitness goals.

If you're still not sure which Protein Bars are for you? Check out 'Are Protein Bars Good For You'.

Keep an eye out for any newcomers 👀

*Please note these best sellers are only reflective of sales.