7 easy ways to increase your daily steps

Don’t underestimate the power of a good walk. As well as easing stress and benefiting cardiovascular health, walking is so easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Leisurely morning stroll? Brisk walk to the bus stop (shout out to all those last-minute commuters)? Whatever your day looks like, here’s a few tricks that’ll help your squeeze in a few more steps and reap the benefits!

1) Set goals

Nowadays, it’s rare to see a wrist not adorned with some form of fitness watch or tracker. Setting daily step goals is a great way to encourage you to walk more. Think about it – no one likes to fail. So, simply setting a daily step goal could encourage you to get moving.

2) Take the stairs

Because no blog post about walking is complete without this gem of a cliché. No doubt you’ll have (frequently) ignored advice to ‘take the stairs instead of the lift’. We get it – if you work in a huge multi-story building or are frequently rushing into the office with minutes to spare, taking the stairs doesn’t seem the most appealing option. But swapping the packed-out lift for those dreaded flights will up your step count and your fitness levels.

3) Park further away

Who else parks as close to the supermarket entrance as possible? Well, mix things up and try swinging into those deserted bays right in the depths of the car park. Yes, it’ll add an extra few minutes onto your dreaded food shopping trip and yes, you’ll have to heave your heavy shopping bags a little bit further but it’s a great way to add some extra steps into your routine.

4) Invest in your footwear

Cos nobody got time for no blisters. One of the most important things to consider if you’re keen on upping your steps is your footwear. Because if you’re partial to a pair of heels then, chances are, you’re not going to get very far. Invest in a good pair of trainers, running shoes or, if you’re really dedicated, walking shoes or boots. Many shoe shops offer orthopaedic insoles, which could also help ease discomfort if you’re walking a lot.

5) Steal a dog

No, not literally. Unless you have your own pet, of course, you could offer to walk a friend’s dog or join them on their walks. A quick google search will also reveal hundreds of dog walking groups that you can join, which give you the chance to take busy people’s pooches out for a stroll. What's not to love?!

6) Make the most of your lunch break

Stuck at your desk all day? Don’t waste your valuable break holed up in your claustrophobic office kitchen. Get outside and have a wander. We promise you’ll feel so much better for it.

7) Get up and talk!

We’re all guilty of it. Shooting an email across to a colleague who is literally a few metres away, when really, we could just get up and have a face-to-face conversation. As well as being more social, it’ll help you cram in a few extra steps, essential if you’re in a sedentary profession.

So, who’s up for upping their steps?! With these easy tips, you’ve really got no excuses! Head over to our blog for more fitness tips and tricks.

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