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Grenade Features

Protein Treat

A range of indulgent chocolate spreads made with whey protein.

Keep it Low

With 20% protein and 87% less sugar than other leading chocolate spread brands, it is a great way to consume additional protein without all the additional sugar.

How do you eat yours?

As a tasty topping for your breakfast pancakes or waffles, or a delicious sweet filling for a croissant? The perfect ingredient for baking protein treats – use as a topping for banana bread or a gooey filling for protein muffins. It makes for a great combo with toast or bagels for a mid-morning or afternoon snack or maybe straight from the jar with a spoon for that ‘no fuss’ sweet protein fix!
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Grenade Features

Science stuff

Sweetened with Maltitol (which has fewer calories than sugar), and suitable for vegetarians. Milk Chocolate and Hazel Nutter flavors are Gluten Free whilst White Chocolate Cookie flavor contains real cookie pieces.

Eat me

Consume at anytime of the day as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Carb Killa® Spread


A range of indulgent chocolate spreads made with whey protein, available in 3 flavors. An indulgent white chocolate flavored spread filled with crunchy cookie pieces. A chocolate hazelnut flavored spread filled with real hazelnut pieces. A smooth milk chocolate flavored spread.

Carb Killa® Spread can be smothered on top of your favorite foods or eaten straight out of the jar. Available in 360g jars.

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Chocolate Orange Lava Cakes

'Spread' the news...the ultimate Chocolate dessert is here! Try your hand at creating these melt-in-the-middle indulgent Chocolate Orange Lava Cakes, packed with Jaffa Quake Carb Killa® Spread.

With over 11g protein and only 160 calories per cake, these are the perfect macro-friendly creation to cure those severe chocolate cravings.

Give it a try and be sure to tag @GrenadeOfficial in any photos you share!

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"White chocolate cookie spread is just insane. Amazing on toast but much rather just grab a spoon and tuck in during those tough days at work!"