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LoudCrowd FAQs LoudCrowd FAQs

LoudCrowd FAQs

Q: Is it only Instagram feed posts that earn rewards?

A: Yes, although we would love it if you shared content across all of your channels #BrowniePoints

Q: If I do 2 posts in one month, do I get double the reward for 1 post?

A: No, the increments are 1, 3 and 5 posts. Additionally, the rewards are for a maximum of 5 posts - 10 posts doesn't earn you twice as much.

Q: If I do 5 posts in a month, do I get the rewards for 1, 3 and 5 posts?

A: No, you cannot accumulate rewards. Once the next threshold of posts is reached, that reward overwrites any previous.

Q: Can I save up my reward points, or do I need to spend them each month?

A: Once your points are in your Grenade account, you can save or spend as you please!

Q: Do I need to tag @GrenadeOfficial as a brand partner?

A: No, but please include #ad to stay within the Advertising Standards guidelines.

Q: How do I receive my £50 if if Grenade® share my content?

A: You will receive a DM to discuss payment methods.

Q: When will I receive my rewards?

A: Rewards are distributed on the first working day of the following month.

Q: If I don't receive my rewards, who do I contact?