NEW Carb Killa Ice Cream – Available now at Tesco!

Just in time to fuel your summer of freedom, we’ve gone and launched our first EVER frozen treat – a low sugar, high protein Carb Killa Ice Cream bar to satisfy your taste buds and to help you stay on track with nutritional goals. 😋 

As you know, we never compromise on taste, and our Carb Killa Ice Cream bars are no exception. Each Ice Cream contains over 6.5g protein, less than 1.7g sugar and at only 120 calories per bar, it won’t ruin any of that hard work put in during lockdown! Vegetarian friendly, Carb Killa Ice Cream is perfect as a post-workout snack, or even just as a low sugar treat to be savoured in the sun!

Available in two classic OG Carb Killa Protein Bar flavours; delicious White Chocolate Cookie, and epic Peanut Nutter

White Chocolate Cookie combines vanilla protein ice cream with a mouth-watering chocolate sauce, topped with a layer of chocolate cookie crumb, and covered in smooth white milk chocolate. Peanut Nutter combines caramel protein ice cream with a delicious caramel sauce, topped with a layer of roasted peanuts, and covered in smooth milk chocolate. You’d be nuts not to switch out your ‘usual’ ice cream bar to this healthier alternative! Both flavours are incredible, and that's not just us saying that... Check out some of the reviews we’ve already peeped over on TikTok 👀📲

Reviews from TikTok!



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Want to try them for yourself? Both flavours are available in Tesco stores nationwide and via online shopping, priced at £5 for a pack of four individually wrapped ice cream bars.

If you can’t make it to Tesco right now, why not try out creating these Frozen Berry Protein Slices at home! 

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