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Do Energy Drinks Really Work?

It’s a question as old as time itself, or, like, at least as old as the invention of energy drinks (1962 – don’t worry, we Googled it for you). The question is pretty simple: ‘do energy drinks work?' Now, you may have guessed our stance on this. But we appreciate that ‘HELL YES’ is more of a statement than a convincing argument. So, allow us to elaborate…

How do energy drinks give you energy?

Energy drinks are designed to give you a boost of energy. Fact. And the way this usually works is pretty simple as it typically only relies on two main ingredients: sugar and caffeine.

That said, our functional Grenade Energy drinks are completely sugar-free, as well as totally free from artificial colours and preservatives. Yep, you heard us right. Now, we can envision your brains ticking away as to how that works – ‘how do they give you that boost we’ve just been talking about without sugar’. Well, we can guarantee you they pack the same punch (if not packing even more power!) as a typical energy drink, that’s for sure. It just happens to be a whole lot healthier!

The functional benefits of key vitamins, taurine, electrolytes and BCAAs, combined with the natural caffeine (two espressos per can to be exact), are precisely what gives you the energy kick from our cans. Caffeine works without sugar to give you that much-needed boost. And, better yet, our caffeine is naturally derived from coffee – none of that synthetic stuff! Who said energy drinks had to bad for you, ey!

Another thing to note. Some people assume that sports drinks work similarly, giving athletes an extra boost. But this isn’t the case at all. Sports drinks do contain sugar in some instances; however, their main purpose is to replace fluid after exercise. That’s why you’ll find gym-goers and athletes munching protein bars, bananas or any kind of energy-boosting snack alongside their sports drink.

How does caffeine work?

Do you ever wake up in the morning in a sluggish haze? Don’t worry! We all do it, and more often than not, we turn to that one elixir to help revive us: coffee.

And what is in coffee that makes it so reviving? That’s right, caffeine. Caffeine promotes alertness and works that ‘awake’ feeling into our system by blocking a substance in your system called adenosine that, basically, makes you sleepy. That’s it! Caffeine just turns off the sleepy receptors in your brain!

We’ve broken it down into a super scientific equation for you: More energy + no sleepiness = FULL TANK… LET’S GO!

Fun fact: the average coffee has about the same amount of caffeine (40mg/100ml) as most energy drinks! So, when it comes to a flat white vs. a cold can of Grenade Energy Berried Alive, it’s not a battle of the caffeine. The reality is 150mg of caffeine in coffee vs. 155mg in one of our 330ml energy drink cans. Only 5mg in it! Either way, you’re adding more fuel to the tank on a manic Monday morning or before your next workout sesh. Might as well enjoy doing it with an ice-cold berry-boosting delight rather than burnt bean juice!

How many energy drinks per day?

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room: how many energy drinks can you drink per day?

People ask this a lot. It’s one of those questions that arise because pre-internet urban myths were a wild commodity, especially when it came to energy drinks. Typically, really bad things happened in all of them without much context as to why. Let’s face it, even the internet can be more sensational than is perhaps warranted around the subject.

Let’s settle this and say a simple one or two cans of Grenade Energy per day is a healthier choice. Moderation and a little bit of common sense are all you need to navigate this question.

So, whether you need a mid-meeting pick-me-up, an edge over your opponents during an intense gaming session, or a lift to see you through that late-afternoon workout, you can be reassured that Grenade Energy arms you with the good stuff and helps you “Get It Done”! Let’s not forget either, that the functional ingredients help aid recovery following a tough training session or action-packed day. 

For now, we’ll have to settle with a Sun of a Beach to give us that summer vibe. Until then, we’ll catch you on our blog where you can check out home workouts vs. the gym. And hey, if you’re still in that whole ‘bake a banana bread’ phase, then give our cookies & cream protein doughnuts a go! Infinitely better than banana bread – just saying.