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Grenade® is the go-to brand in the active nutrition/healthy snacking space. With its full range of high protein, low sugar offerings, Grenade® leads the way with a range of great tasting, healthy snacking products.

  1. 12 Bars
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  2. Carb Killa<sup>®</sup> Cookie
    Carb Killa® Cookie
    $2.79 to $24.99
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  3. Carb Killa<sup>®</sup> Spreads
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  4. Go Nuts™ Vegan Nut Bar
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Founded in 2009 with a focus on high-performance sports nutrition products, Grenade®'s range supports the needs of hard-training individuals. Arm Yourself™ with trusted and innovative supplements for weight management, energy, recovery and wellness to help you achieve your training goals.

  1. 100 Capsules
    Thermo Detonator®
    $1.95 to $39.95
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  2. Grenade Shaker
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  3. Grenade Promo T-Shirt
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