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The Grenade® Loyalty points system is for our loyal and valued customers, it’s our way of saying a big THANK YOU. 

How it works is simple – the more you buy, the more points you earn and points mean prizes, well actually they convert to £/€/$ to redeem at

Look out for the  icon next to your chosen Grenade® product.  For every £1/ €1/ $1 you spend, you earn 10 points. So if you spend £50 / €50 / $50 you earn 500 points.

You can then either save your points up, or redeem on your next orders, with 100 points equal to £1 / €1 / $1 off.

Points are cumulative and are valid for 12 months. Points can be redeemed against any product on including bundles and special offers. Coupon Codes are still valid when spending loyalty points.  So what are you waiting for. Create an account and start earning BIG.

Redeeming your points

It’s easy:

  • Login or create a new account
  • Choose your products and add to your cart
  • At checkout you will see a link to REDEEM your loyality points, select this
  • Your points will be redeemed and any remaining balance left to pay will be shown
  • If you didn’t redeem all of your Grenade® Loyalty Points, your balance will be shown for future use