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You know us. We like to stand out from the crowd, which is why we’re all about trying something new! On our mission to prove that fitness isn’t all about chaining yourself to the treadmill, we’ve been trying out a number of weird and wonderful workouts, showing the many different ways you can get fit and have fun while you’re at it!

Our latest venture, you ask? Boogie Bounce! It’s a pretty simple concept. Think mini trampolines, banging disco tunes and a whole lot of bouncing. And the benefits? Well, alongside a massive calorie burn, this high energy class also claims to relieve stress, increase metabolism and tone the whole body. It’s also pretty fun, as our Digital Designer Shannon found out when she went along and gave the class a go. Here’s how she got on!

What was your expectation of the class?

Before the class, I was really nervous as I thought it was going to be very strict on staying in time with the instructor and keeping to the rhythm. I don’t have any rhythm so this was the biggest fear that had, thinking I would look out of place or silly that I couldn’t do the dance whilst bouncing!

Talk us through the class…

We all headed into the hall and the trampolines were set out. The instructor was so helpful right from the beginning. The class was a mixture of experienced bouncers and beginners, but she really made sure the beginners we up to date by telling us what the staple moves were and what they were called. The lights went off and the disco lights came on and we were off bouncing to the first song. We did a 10-15 minutes warm up then it went into the routines and then we did a 15-minute cool down at the end.

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How did you find the class?

I loved the class! Even for someone like me with no rhythm, I felt really at ease as the instructor constantly reassured the class and encouraged us to just continue bouncing if there was a move we couldn’t do. The warm up was low intensity but still made me get a sweat on. The Boogie Bounce main routine was so fun to bounce along to, as well as challenging - it got very sweaty! You just find your bounce rhythm and go a speed you feel comfortable with.

The cool down was focused on our core, bums and upper body strength, which I thought was really good to add in as it challenges every part of your body and uses the trampoline in other ways then just bouncing.

What did you enjoy the most about the class?

How fun it is! It feels like you’re on a night out but on a trampoline!? The music was perfect to keep an upbeat atmosphere and everyone had a smile on their face. A really good way to get in some exercise as well as having a laugh.

What didn’t you enjoy?

When the class ended! I could have bounced all evening, it definitely gets those endorphins going! I felt amazing afterwards.

Would you attend the class again?

Yes, 100%.

Who would you recommend this class to?

Anyone and everyone! There were all sorts of people there, men and woman, all ages, shapes and sizes. It was really nice to see people pushing themselves and having fun!

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If Shannon’s review has left you itching to grab a trampoline and give Boogie Bounce a go, head over to their website to find your nearest class today! You can also visit our blog to find out how we got on when we tried out Aqua Yoga.

Image credit: Boogie Bounce Facebook