What are fat burners?

“I need to tone up.”

“Why can’t I shred this stubborn fat?!”

“I want to look leaner.”

Chances are, one of these thoughts have crossed your mind at some point on your fitness journey. The internet is awash with fitness bloggers offering expert advice on how to shred fat and with programs promising to transform your body after a mere week or two so, you’d think losing body fat would be a doddle – right?

The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to shredding body fat. Of course, diet and exercise are key – it’s not rocket science! But weight management supplements can contribute to a leaner physique and decreased body fat.

Now, *disclaimer alert*, we’re not saying that popping a pill or two will melt away unwanted fat. Weight management products can assist in fat loss when used alongside a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. But remember to use any supplements as per the directions on the packaging for best results. Want to know more? Well, here’s the lowdown on our weight management product range, including the legendary Thermo Detonator®.

Thermo Detonator®

How to burn fat - Grenade Thermo Detonator

Declare war on fat with our multi award-winning weight management system Thermo Detonator®. Looking for a product that’ll kickstart your workout? Well, Thermo Detonator® does just that – it’s not named after an explosive for nothing, you know!

These beasty little pills combine the highest quality, maximum potency ingredients, enhancing energy and focus during your session. Natural fat burning ingredients, such as green tea extract and cayenne, also help contribute towards a leaner physique. They can also act as an appetite suppressant, decreasing those pesky junk food cravings.

For an explosive workout, pop two of these badboys before your training session. Whether you’re boarding the cardio train or getting ready to lift that PB, Thermo Detonator® will give you the push you need to smash your workout.

Thermo Detonator® Stim Free

How to burn fat - Grenade fat burners

Cutting down on the caffeine? Give our Stim Free Thermo Detonator®’s a go! This caffeine-free weight management system features break-through Dual Release Technology® (DRT), utilising an outer and inner capsule designed to deliver patented active ingredients into the body for maximum results. Great for those sensitive to or trying to avoid caffeine, Stim Free offers maximum fat burning results without stimulants.

The liquid outer capsule contains premium grade conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and is utilised for immediate release. The encapsulated inner capsule features a quality thermogenic formula but, of course, without the unwanted stimulants you find in other fat burners.

Also great for those who work out in the evenings, Stim Free can be taken later than original Thermo Detonator® as it includes absolutely no stimulants and won't keep you up at night.

Black Ops®

How to burn fat - Grenade fat burnersComplete with a unique stimulatory effect designed to enhance mental and physical performance, Black Ops® promises to promote a powerful workout whilst also helping to shred unwanted body fat.

This premium weight management system has a shorter duration of action compared to our Thermo Detonator®, making it ideal for late afternoon and evening training sessions. It's also perfect for HIIT sessions where a quick burst of energy is needed. Similar to Thermo Detonator®, Black Ops® includes well known fat burning ingredients such as green tea and cayenne. It's predominantly aimed at male users but is safe for women to use too.

Developed in conjunction with elite US Special Ops Forces, this high-quality product delivers targeted, moderate-duration bursts of energy and thermogenesis but doesn’t cause those jittery side effects that commonly occur after taking fat burners and pre-workout products – win!

Can’t decide between the legendary Thermo Detonator® and Black Ops®? Well, the good news is you can take them both together! We recommend taking Thermo Detonator® during the day and Black Ops® before your evening workout. Make sure there’s a three-hour gap between the two and don’t exceed the serving suggestion.

Killa Ketones™

How to burn fat - |Grenade fat burners

Here’s one for the ladies. Our Killa Ketones™ may be geared towards females and their unique physiological needs but that doesn’t make them any less effective than the other products in our weight management range.

Killa Ketones™ are similar to our Thermo Detonator® but feature a few additional key ingredients to benefit the female body including raspberry fruit powder, white kidney bean and biotin.

It’s no secret that the female body is very different to the male physique, with women storing fat in different parts of the body compared to men. With Killa Ketones™, we’ve made sure that the formula caters to female needs, maximising effectivity and providing the best possible results.

Now we’ve shed light on our fat burning repertoire, which will you choose? Head over to our website to shop our full sports range. Need more info on our supplement offering? Find out which workout supplement you should take over on our blog.