Thought skipping was simply a playground game for kids? Well, you’re wrong! Boxers swear by this fitness staple, while many circuit classes have started to throw in a rope to add some diversity to the workout. And, with countless benefits, skipping really does mean business! Not convinced? Here’s six reasons why we think you should jump aboard the skipping bandwagon.


1) It’s a great way to burn calories

If dropping the pounds is your goal, then skipping may be the way to go. According to the British Rope Skipping Association, an hour of skipping could burn up to 1,600 calories! And, you don’t necessarily need to be a pro to benefit from an epic calorie burn – keep it simple and you could still reap the same benefits.


2) It’s a full body workout

Short on time? A full body burn should be right up your street, then. Skipping works multiple areas of the body, from the legs and calves, to the shoulders and arms. So, if you’re set on putting your whole body through its paces, then skipping is where it's at.


3) It improves coordination, stamina and focus

It may look easy, but skipping requires a whole lotta coordination, as well as stamina and focus. A simple, steady jump is easy enough – and effective too! But, if you want to test yourself, then try adding in some technique. Think double swing, side swing, skiers and crossover. All of these require coordination and the additional difficulty could mean an additional calorie burn! Incorporating tricks to your skipping workout also adds a little variety, which is essential if you’re set on sticking to this style of working out. Why not give this skipping workout from Tyrone Brennand a go? Be warned, it’s a tough one!



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4) It can be done anywhere

Getting sweaty at home? Or maybe you fancy taking your workout outside, especially if the weather’s good? Well, the great thing about skipping is it can be done pretty much anywhere. No gym? No problem! All you need is a rope and you’re good to go! Skipping is also ideal for those who don’t have a lot of time to exercise, as a quick skipping sesh can be thrown in whenever is convenient, whether that’s in the garden, in the living room (if you’ve the space) or even at the office during your lunch break – double dutch, anyone?!


5) It doesn’t put too much pressure on your joints

Many forms of cardio, such as running and cycling, put additional pressure on the joints, which can be tough if you suffer from joint issues but still want to focus on your fitness and stamina. Skipping, however, is less of a strain on areas such as the knees and calves. So, next time you’re planning on dodging a stint on the treadmill, pick up the rope instead and blast through your cardio without unnecessary strain on your body.


6) It’s fun!

As we said, there’s a reason why skipping is popular in the playground! As well as being great for general fitness, skipping can be so much fun! Throw in some tricks to add some versatility to your skipping routine and why not rope in a friend and skip together? Like any new skill, it’s fun to test yourself and see which areas you can improve on. With skipping, there are countless techniques to try out so you’re sure to stay occupied for a while.


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