Carb Killa Cookie


A healthier, tastier, chocolate-coated treat – sounds too good to be true, right? Enter the Carb Killa® Cookie- or, is it a biscuit? What's a biscuit, you ask? It's just like a cookie!


This high protein, low sugar cookie is the latest addition to the Carb Killa® fam, offering guilt-free indulgence at any time of the day. A mid-morning pick me up or a tasty treat in front of the TV, it won't disappoint.


Just like the rest of the Carb Killa® range, this cookie is super low in sugar, with just 0.8g per cookie. Each pack contains less than 230 calories, making it a great alternative to your usual sweet treat. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and is informed sport approved. Available in two tasty flavours, Double Chocolate and Salted Caramel, it'll be tough to choose which to try out first!


Find out what our CEO and Founder, Alan Barratt, thinks of the latest addition to the Carb Killa® range and why he thinks Carb Killa® Cookie is set to be a success.

Where did the idea for the Carb Killa® Cookie come from?


Here at Grenade®, we are always looking to give people another reason to eat a Grenade® product! A huge percentage of the population snack regularly on biscuits or cookies and we wanted to give people the option of a delicious, chocolate coated, high protein, low sugar alternative to a their usual option.



Who will enjoy this product?


Anyone who eats cookies or biscuits or who wants a tasty protein treat that's low in sugar.


What’s different about the Carb Killa® Cookie in comparison to Grenade®’s existing product range?


The snacking occasion is different. Whilst it has the same high protein, low sugar, great tasting credentials, people may eat this cookie with a coffee as a mid-morning treat or in front of the TV as an healthier alternative to their usual favorite cookie. But, just like the rest of our snacking range, this product is so versatile - it can be eaten anywhere, at any time!





Dunk it, munch it, snap it? How will you eat yours? Let us know your thoughts on the Carb Killa® Cookie over on Instagram - we’d love to know what you think!