Do you revel in a good row? Or maybe you’re a sucker for the spin bike? Either way, these popular cardio machines both have their pros and cons. We’re breaking down the benefits of each, so you know which machine to make a beeline for during your next sweat sesh.

So, what are the benefits of spinning?


Whether you’re a regular at your local class or like to take part in some solo spinning, the spin bike is a great way to blast fat and increase your fitness levels. Here’s the lowdown:

It’s great for beginners


If you’re a fitness newbie, then spinning is a super easy exercise to get onboard with. As well as being safe for the joints, you can increase and decrease the intensity depending on your fitness and ability, making it a great option for beginners.

It works a number of muscles


From the legs and thighs to the buttocks and even your arms, spinning does wonders for many different muscles, making it great for overall fitness and toning.

It’s pretty safe


Spinning is known to be one of the safest cardio exercises as it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your joints, unlike other exercises such as running on the treadmill. It’s also great for those with back problems, as little strain is put on the back during a spin session. Your knees are safe too – spin bikes make it possible for you to work the knees gently when pedalling at moderate resistance, making it ideal for preventing knee injuries and rehabilitation after knee injuries and operations.

It’s a good calorie burn


An hour of spinning could kill between 400-800 calories, so it’s great for those keen to shed weight or burn fat and get lean.


And, the bad news?


Now, there aren’t too many cons to this popular exercise, however it may be pretty uncomfortable for long periods of time – the seats can hurt a little. Unlike the rower, the spin bike will do little for your upper body, so isn’t a great option if you’re all about toning your upper bod.

What about rowing?


A full body blast, the rowing machine is great if you’re keen to tone up all over and contributes towards your general cardiovascular health too! But, what are the other benefits?


It’s great to build stamina and burn calories


A good rowing session is great for building your stamina, helping to increase your general fitness. Rowing is also a great calorie burn, helping you shed between 400-800 calories per hour, depending on intensity, of course.

It’ll tone your whole body


Similar to the spin bike, the rower tones a whole lotta muscles! But, rather than targeting just the lower bod, the rower will work your back, chest and arms, as well as your legs, glutes and hips. So, if it’s a full body workout you’re after, this one’s a no brainer.

It’s great for increasing endurance


Now, a word of warning: rowing is pretty tough. If you’re new to this machine, chances are you’ll regret giving it a go after around 5 minutes but, keep it up and your endurance levels will soar.

And, the not so good?


Rowing is less accessible than spinning, purely because it’s pretty tough for longer than, like 5 minutes, so newbies may want to ease themselves in. It can also put pressure on your lower back and your ankles, so if you suffer with pain in these areas, then you may want to give it a miss.



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