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Team Grenade's Ultimate Work Out From Home Guide


Gyms may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work out!


With the help of Team Grenade®, we’ve put together an epic home workout guide, offering a full 7 day exercise plan, tips and advice and a super tasty Carb Killa® recipe to whip up – you gotta treat yourself after all that hard work, right?!


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What's included?

If it’s workout inspo you need, look no further! This comprehensive home workout guide includes 5 workouts, curated by our very own Team Grenade® fitness experts.

Start the week right with a tough leg workout from PT Nathan Williams. Grab a resistance band and give it a go!


On Tuesday, we head over to Australia for a chest workout with Nathan McCallum, as he shares a variety of different push-up exercises that’ll get those pecs pumping!


We’ve thrown in a mid-week rest day on Wednesday – why not whip up some delicious Carb Killa® waffles for brunch?


Next, Yogi and PT Tyrone Brennand serves up a sweaty skipping cardio session that’ll get your heart racing!


On Friday, Nathan McCallum get’s creative with this brutal back sesh – you’ll need a broom, a chair and 2 cans from the cupboard (who said home workouts are boring?!)


We’re treating you with another break on Saturday and providing our tips and advice on how you can make the most of rest days.


End the week on a high with Hayley Madigan’s core circuit – prepare for your abs to burn!


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