Grenade Carb Killa Christmas tree

During the festive season, all routine goes out of the window and we quickly find ourselves swapping our evening workout class for a third helping of Christmas pudding in front of the TV – because, why not? It’s Christmas, after all!

Fast forward a week after the big day and we’re all frantically signing up for gym memberships and cutting the calories quicker than you can say “Happy New Year”.

But how can you stay on track during the festivities without sacrificing everything Christmas has to offer? Read on to find out how you can embrace the most wonderful time of the year without worrying about your routine.

Plan ahead

Heading to a Christmas dinner this evening? No problem. Just make sure you make healthier choices for breakfast and lunch so you can go all out on the turkey and trimmings. Maybe you can’t resist the temptation of the tin of candy sitting in the office kitchen. That’s cool – but why not factor in a lunch time walk to burn off the extra calories? Remember, it’s all about balance.

All in moderation

We love a good leg day but we can’t deny the fact that we also really like a good knees up! From after work drinks to getting a little too merry at the Christmas party, it’s all part of the festivities! But moderate your alcohol consumption during the week so you can really let your hair down once the weekend arrives.

Friends at a Christmas meal

Get festive, get fit

Believe it or not, many of your favorite festive activities will keep you active and help you burn the extra Christmas calories. Decorating your Christmas tree, wrapping presents and that manic last-minute sprint around the shops on Christmas Eve – they’ll all burn calories without you even noticing!

Walk it off

We all pile up our plates on Christmas day, I mean, who can refuse another helping of roast potatoes?! A brisk post-dinner walk is a great way to spend some quality time with your family while walking off your food baby. Research shows that we burn approximately 100 calories for every mile walked! That number is dependent on your speed, of course, so up the pace to really reap the benefits.

Grenade macro-friendly mince pie recipe

Healthy alternatives

Now, we’re not saying you need to swap your Christmas dinner for a salad – lets be realistic. But there are plenty of healthier alternatives to your favorite festive treats. Take these macro-friendly mince pies. Give these a go and you’ll thank us later! Simply coating your roast potatoes in olive oil rather than goose fat and upping your vegetable intake will also instantly make your Christmas dinner a tad healthier.

Keep up your routine

Now, this one’s easier said than done. Sticking to your workout routine can be a tough task when your festive calendar is filling up fast. But remember, every little helps. A 20 minute HIIT workout first thing, a quick wander around the block on your lunch break, a dance around your bedroom while getting spruced up for your next social event. Whatever it is, keep moving and you’ll find it easier to keep the pounds off.

Remember, the festivities are to be enjoyed and nobody likes the guy who points out the calorie content of the treat you’re about to devour! Life’s all about balance and we hope these tips will help you enjoy the Christmas period while staying on track.

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