Woman commuting on bike
“I’m too busy to keep fit.” We’ve all said it. Maybe you’re a workaholic and hitting the gym just isn’t on your to-do list. Or perhaps you’d much rather hang out with your friends than lose the will to live on the treadmill – who wouldn’t!? But remember, keeping fit doesn’t have to be hard work. It’s easy to fit fitness into your day when you know how!

Catch up on your commute

Let’s face it, commuting can be a bit of a nightmare. From unreliable public transport to fellow commuters testing your patience, a hectic journey into work can set you up for a stressful day. So why not utilise this time and take your travel into your own hands. Walk, run or cycle to work a few days a week and you’ll notice the difference, physically and mentally. Not only will you raise your fitness levels, but it’ll give you time to focus ahead of your day without the usual chaos of the train carriage. Not convinced? Try getting off the bus a stop or two earlier than usual if you don’t feel like going all out just yet. Every little helps, after all!

Make the most of your lunch break

We’re not all lucky enough to live close enough to work to ditch the dreaded commute however you can still get active during your lunch break. Head out on a brisk walk or, if you’re feeling determined, start a running group with your colleagues.

Start multi-tasking

You’ve promised yourself you’ll squeeze in some cardio after work but, deep down, you know a date with that new box-set is on the cards. But why not do both? Catching up on your fave TV series or that book you just can’t put down while on the treadmill or bike will kill two birds with one stone. It’ll also make your cardio sesh fly by, making you more motivated for your next one.


Women at a fitness class

Fit it in first thing

We get it, setting your alarm an hour or so earlier than usual can seem daunting but getting your workout in before your day starts will leave you feeling awake and accomplished before you’ve even opened your inbox. Join an early morning class, follow a fitness video at home or head out on an AM jog – whatever you choose to do, you’ll have achieved something before many people are even awake! Early bird catches the worm, right?

Say hello to HIIT

Lengthy workout routines are a big no-no when you’re busy. Say goodbye to two hour stints in the weights room and welcome HIIT into your routine. High-intensity interval training consists of short but intense movements, with short recovery periods. There’s no set time for HIIT workouts but they’re typically less than 30 minutes long, perfect for those short on time. You’ll probably find a class in your local gym but an at home HIIT session is just as effective and the internet is full of workout inspiration that’s free!

Take the stairs

Yep, this one’s a bit of a cliché but it’s so easy! At work, at the train station, at the supermarket, try to take the stairs instead of waiting around for the lift. As well as burning a few extra calories and upping your fitness levels, you’ll probably save yourself some time too and who doesn’t love a bit of efficiency!

Person walking up steps with trainers

Hands up who’s going to give these top tips a go? Let us know how you get on over on our social channels. For more fitness motivation, you can head over to our blog to read our 7 tips to smash your workouts.