workout motivatiion


Let’s face it, we all lack motivation sometimes. We've all slept through that early morning alarm and we've all swapped an evening HIIT class for a hot date with the TV. But how can you get active even on the days you’re just not feeling it?


1) Preparation is key


Sounds obvious, but a little bit of prep goes a long way. If you’re heading off to the gym or a class first thing in the morning, pack your gym bag the night before so there’s no excuses.


2) Get inspired


Scroll past the memes, cat photos and updates from people you’ve not seen in years and, instead, use social media to inspire you. Maybe you need a new HIIT workout to follow or are interested in trying out a new sport? Whatever it is, you can guarantee it’ll be online. Sometimes all it takes is an image or video to get motivated and get moving.


3) It's a date


Treat your activities like they’re a date or event and schedule them into your diary. Whether it’s a 5K run with a friend, trying out a new class or hitting the weights room, schedule your workout time in at the start of the week and you’re less likely to flake at the last minute. Arranging a workout with a friend is also a great way to make sure you stick to your word – if you cancel, you’ll be letting them down too!



workout motivation

4) Comfort first


If you’re wearing unflattering, restrictive clothing, it’s unlikely that you’re going to perform your best. Invest in some comfortable, fun active wear that you enjoy wearing and that makes you feel good. Grenade® Wear offer a selection of staple active wear pieces, featuring bold print and colour and ultimate functionality so you can give it your all, whatever you’re up to.


5) Set the mood


Music is a great way to get in the zone. Grab your headphones, pick out your playlist and get moving.

6) No phones allowed


If you’re struggling to focus, stick your phone on silent or leave it at home to make sure there are no distractions to stop you from getting that PB, finishing your run or learning the lowdown on a new sport or skill.


7) Say cheese


Believe it or not, the whole ‘progress pic’ thing isn’t as naff as it sounds. Taking regular photos of your body can be a great way to track your progress. Seeing positive changes in your body and your attitude is the perfect reason to continue an active lifestyle.


workout motivation


And voila! We hope this has motivated you to get active but remember, life’s all about balance and the world won’t end just because you didn’t make it to the gym!