It doesn’t get much better than the Freakshake. This Aussie institution is everything we love in a dessert: indulgent, over the top and delicious. But full of sugar, right? Wrong! Blogger Sophie James has whipped up the perfect low sugar, high protein Freakshake using her fave Grenade® snacks, meaning you can curb those sugar cravings and stay on track.

Hands up who wants to give this a go!? Find out how below! Make sure you tag us in your creations at @grenadeofficial.

Peanut Nutter™ Freakshake


Peanut Nutter™ Carb Killa® bar
Hazel Nutter Carb Killa® spread
2 scoops of Peanut Nutter™ Hydra 6® protein powder
½ frozen banana
100g frozen cauliflower
1tsp peanut butter
200ml milk
Chopped hazelnuts
Toppings of your choice (Sophia-Jane used strawberries and raspberries)



1. First, it’s time to prep your jar! Spread the Carb Killa® spread around the rim of the jar – this not only makes your Freakshake look amazing but tastes pretty good too!
2. Next, sprinkle the hazelnuts onto the rim of your jar and place it in the fridge for an hour to set
3. While that’s setting, you can start making your Freakshake! Place half of the Peanut Nutter™ Carb Killa® bar, the Peanut Nutter™ Hydra 6® protein powder, the frozen banana, cauliflower, peanut butter and the milk into a blender and, well, blend!
4. Once this has been blitzed together, you can pour the shake into your chilled jar and then it's time to get creative!
5. Use a kebab skewer to showcase your chosen fruits and toppings and pop this into your shake. You can also add the rest of your toppings (and the other half of your Carb Killa® bar) onto the top of your shake for extra decoration/yumminess!

Macros per Freakshake

609 cals | 63g protein | 10g sugar | 51 g carbs | 21g fat


And there you go! This recipe is so quick and easy and looks amazing too! Thanks to Sophie James for this creation - don't forget to tag us in yours!