High protein Christmas pudding recipe


Feelin' festive? Well, Christmas is just around the corner so why not spread some festive cheer and give this delicious, protein-packed Christmas pud a go! Topped with our tasty Carb Killa® spread and filled with festive flavour, this recipe is a must for those who want to indulge, without the added sugar and fat. You've got the talented Nicola McPeak to thank for this show-stopper of a recipe. Head over to her Instagram for more fitness and foodie tips or you can also find a host of high protein, low sugar recipes over on our blog.



20g Hydra 6® protein powder, Chocolate Charge
Carb Killa® spread, White Chocolate
150g sultanas
150g of raisins
125g of dried apricots
40g flaked almonds
80g butter/ low fat spread
1 large orange, grated, and all of the juice
1 small apple
2 tbsp of brandy
2 large eggs
100g of self raising flour
1 tsp mixed spice
42g breadcrumbs


1) First, soak the fruit in the brandy for at least an hour and set aside
2) Then, mix the butter, sugar and the grated orange and its juice together in a large bowl
3) Next, add in the eggs and protein powder and mix together
4) Slowly add in the self-raising powder and the mixed spice, then fold in the breadcrumbs and flaked almonds
5) Then, add in the soaked fruit
6) Next, grease your pudding bowl and cover the bottom with greaseproof paper. Add in your pudding mix and cover the top with tin foil. Tie tightly with string around the top of the pudding bowl
7) Steam boil the pudding for around 7-8 hours
8) Once cooked, leave your pudding to cool. Then, add melted White Chocolate Carb Killa® spread to the top and enjoy!

Macros (per slice, serves 10)

Carbs 58g | Protein 15g | Fat 36g



Christmas pudding


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