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  1. Coconut Oat & Cream Cake

    Go coconuts for this delicious high protein Coconut Oat & Cream cake Base - Flapjack 1 Tbsp Coconut oil 1 Tbsp Almond milk (Add more if required) 3/4 Grenade® Reload...
  2. Caramel Chaos Pancake Stack

    Ingredients Pancakes 120g (1 cup) Gluten free Flour 17.5g Killer Vanilla Hydra 6 1 Tsp baking powder ½ Tsp baking...
  1. 3 Reasons why Carbohydrates are not the enemy

    Team Grenade athlete and Nutritionist, Vinny Russo, hits you with a bit of Carbohydrate-based science and explains why they should play a...

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