Can snacking ruin your diet

Whether you’re suffering from those pre-dinner stomach rumbles or are just having one of those days, snacks are usually the answer. Because, let’s be honest, snacks are life. But could your snacking habits be stalling your goals? Maybe you’re trying to burn fat but can’t resist a midday nibble? Or maybe your excessive snacking habits are burning a hole in your wallet? Whatever your relationship with snacking, we’ve explored whether it’s really as bad as people think and how you can snack like a pro – happy snacking!

So, what's the deal with snacking?

First off, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with snacking. If you’re trying to lose weight, snacking isn’t the enemy. The general rule when dropping the pounds is you must be in a calorie deficit, meaning you should be burning more calories than you are consuming. So, as long as your snacks fit into your calorie allowance, it’s unlikely that they’ll cause you to gain weight.

But, which snacks should I eat?

Of course,  you still need to be choosing healthier snacks over sugary snacks such as sweets and chocolate. Sometimes, only a donut will do (we’ve all been there), but for the majority, try to choose foods that will benefit you nutritionally.

what are some good healthy snacks

We consider ourselves to be seasoned snackers (look no further than our Snacking Revolution, if you don’t believe us!), so here’s our top tips to consider when choosing your snacks:

Choose wisely

As we said, it’s not snacking that’s the issue. It’s often what you choose to snack on. Choose wisely. Does the snack fit into your macros or calorie intake? Is it packed with sugar and artificial ingredients? Will it fulfil you until your next meal? All of these are things to consider before digging in.

Check the label

This one’s super important. Always check the macros of your snack, especially if you’re watching what you eat. Some snacks claim to be healthy but can be secretly laden with sugar and fat – food’s labelled as ‘low fat’ are often guilty of this so be sure to dig a little deeper.

Are you really hungry?

If all you can think about is where your next food fix is coming from, yet you only just ate, ask yourself, are you really hungry? Reaching for a snack might seem like the obvious option but many of us mistake thirst for hunger. Boredom and tiredness can also be confused with hunger, which is often why we tend to take part in most of our snacking at work! Try downing a pint of H2O and then see if you’re still hungry. Or try taking a break - go for a walk and get some air. You may think you're hungry but your body may be trying to tell you something else.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Yep, so important we had to say it three times. As with most things in life, preparation is key. Be sure to pack a variety of healthy snacks with you to graze on during your workday, on long journeys or generally out and about on-the-go. When hunger catches us off guard, we tend to reach for whatever’s convenient. Most of the time, that results in a last-minute trip to the vending machine or a trip to the shop, where there’s likely to be all kinds of temptation. Make sure you’re armed with the goods and it’ll allow you to curb those cravings while staying on track.

what are the best healthy snacks

So, who fancies a snack? Take a look at our delicious Carb Killa® snacking range today, the perfect addition to your desk drawer, gym bag or kitchen cupboard. Need more tips? Head over to our blog for some healthier snacking alternatives.