How to use the cable machine


We’re creatures of habit, choosing to stick to the same workout routine week in, week out. We know it works, there’s little chance of us making a fool of ourselves in the gym and, well, it’s easy. But easy doesn’t equal results! Step out of your comfort zone and try something new! The squat rack, for example. Chances are you only use this versatile piece of equipment for a squatting sweat sesh, but there’s so much more you can do!


Want to know how you can inject some versatility into your workouts and make the most of the equipment available to you? Keep reading!




Mainly used for arm workouts, the versatile cable machine is ideal for toning those triceps, as well as building your biceps if you fancy a break from dumbbells. But, don’t forget to give the cables a look-in during the rest of your workouts. From kickbacks and cable squats for lower body, to rope pulls to target the back or shoulders, the possibilities are endless!


Squat rack


Hands up who’s ever queued for the squat rack? The heart of pretty much every gym, the squat rack is one of the most used pieces of equipment and, chances are, you’ve spent a decent amount of your gym sessions lining up for the chance to use this popular machine. But, many of us rarely venture beyond squats when it comes to the rack, which is crazy when you consider how much you can do using this piece of equipment. Give rack pulls a go if you fancy spicing up your back day or why not try shoulder press for an upper body burn? If you’re still set on focusing your attention on your lower body, then try lunges or good mornings alongside your squat session – and, best of all, you won’t have to leave the rack!




Admit it – if you’re anything like the majority of gym-goers then, chances are, you don’t tend to do much more than a brisk walk on the treadmill. But, why not increase the incline and go on an uphill walk that’ll get you sweating in no time? Or, if HIIT’s your thing, then why not introduce interval training to your treadmill sesh, alternating between a brisk walk and a sprint? Spicing up your treadmill workout will make things less boring, meaning you're more likely to stick at it. You'll also benefit more, as introducing intervals or upping the incline will make things a lil tougher, meaning you'll work harder.


Plyo box


Often used as a shelf for phones, keys and bottles, the poor plyo box can often be found festering away in the corner of a gym and, if we do use it, then box jumps are probably as creative as it gets. But, don’t dismiss this essential piece of equipment! Yes, it may be ‘just a box’ but there’s so much you can do with it! From reverse lunges and elevated push ups, to step ups and pistol squats, add the plyo box into your workout if you want to add a bit of variety, while also feeling the benefit!


The benefits of plyo boxes


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