Feeling the pressure this festive season? It’s no secret that shopping for loved ones can be a struggle. Will they like it? Will they actually use it?! If it’s a gift for a gym lover you’re after, rest assured, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s 7 pressies for the fitness fanatic in your life – thank us later!


Carb Killa® Spread


The ultimate, indulgent, low sugar treat. Carb Killa® spread allows you to continue treating yourself long after the festivities have ended. Packed with protein and containing over 80% less sugar than traditional chocolate spreads, this delicious protein spread is a great stocking filler for those with a sweet tooth.


Workout Journal


Set your friends and fam up for success by buying them a workout journal, a must for any budding gym bunny determined to get back on track in the New Year. A workout journal allows you to take note of the exercises, reps and sets you perform each session. Most journals include a section where you can set goals and targets too, allowing you to keep track of your performance. Not convinced? Find out how we got on when we used a workout journal for a month over on our blog (spoiler: we loved it!).


Bath Salts


Because everyone loves getting ‘smellies’ for Christmas, right? No? Well, hear us out on this one. If you’re buying for someone who’s big into their fitness, then chances are they’ll have suffered the dreaded DOMS at some point in their life. Bath salts are a great way to reduce symptoms of DOMS, while also being a lil bit indulgent – cos who doesn’t love a bubble bath in the winter?! Epsom salts are a great shout for eliminating muscle soreness and you can also buy them scented with relaxing fragrances, such as lavender, if you’re really keen on encouraging relaxation.


Grenade® Thermo Detonator®





A great stocking filler for the friend who’s set on getting back on track after a well-deserved Christmas pig-out. Grenade® Thermo Detonator® is a weight management supplement, specially designed by nutrition experts to help burn fat and boost energy during exercise. Great for gym fans or those who want to achieve a lean physique after the festivities have ended. Remember, Thermo Detonator® should be combined with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise program for best results and never exceed the recommended dosage. You can find out more about this supplement here.


Resistance bands


Now, don’t get it twisted: there’s more to resistance bands than booty gains. You can find all styles and strengths of bands that allow you to perform a variety of exercises and target all areas of the body. If your fitness fanatic friend is feeling reluctant to get back to the gym after a chilled Christmas break, then resistance bands could be the perfect gift. They can be used wherever, whenever, so they can slowly ease back into their routine by kicking things off with a home-based workout. Then, once they’re back into the swing of things, they can throw their resistance bands into their exercises for an added burn – win!



Grenade® Wear

Does exercise help the mind?


Nothing says smashing your New Years Resolutions like a fresh new workout wardrobe. If your loved one likes to make a statement while they sweat, then why not treat them to an item or two from our Grenade® Wear range? Featuring a sleek, stylish design and a fit suitable for a variety of different sizes and sessions, you’re bound to find the perfect garms to please the gym bod in your life.


We hope our rundown of our fave fitness gifts has helped! Let us know what Grenade® gifts you went for over on our socials. For more on our epic product range, head over to our website.