what is a keto diet?

Let’s face it, when hunger strikes, we don’t always reach for the healthiest foods. We’re more likely to satisfy those stomach rumbles with a sugary treat rather than hold out for a healthier alternative. But, how can we tackle temptation while out and about? Here’s five top tips to help you stay on track while on-the-go.


Stock up on snacks


When it comes to healthy eating, preparation is key. Stock up on healthy snacks to make sure you’re ready for that inevitable hunger hit, wherever you are. Fresh fruit and veggies are, of course, great, easy options, as are snacks such as olives, nuts and Greek yoghurt. You could always pick up a Carb Killa® bar or shake to tackle those sugar cravings. Not only do they taste amazing (if we do say so ourselves), but they’re also packed with protein to keep you satisfied for longer.


Get cooking


Ever heard of a little thing called meal prepping? The internet is awash with tips and advice on how you can master the meal prep but, trust us, this is one trend to take note of. Setting aside a few hours to cook and pack your lunches for the week ahead is a great way to resist the usual calorie-laden convenience sandwiches. It’ll also save you money in the long run!

How to meal prep

Educate yourself


Next time you’re tempted to turn to the unhealthy option, try reading the label. Now, we’re not about obsessive calorie counting but knowing what’s in your food is a great way to start taking control of your diet. When reading the labels, try to opt for foods with lower sugar content and high protein and fibre options, as these will keep you feeling fuller for longer, reducing the risk of being tempted by fast food fuel.


Breakfast like a king


Got a busy day ahead? Set some time aside first thing and whip up the breakfast to rival all breakfasts. Think eggs, smoked salmon and avo or maybe a Carb Killa® shake poured over your fave cereal and some chopped fruit. Make sure your brekkie choice is nutritious and filling, as this will keep you feeling satisfied until lunch time and you’ll be less likely to grab for those goodies.


Stay hydrated


Fill up on water and, not only will you be supporting your hydration, but you’ll also feel fuller and be less tempted to snack. Our body sometimes confuses thirst for hunger, so make sure you’re drinking regularly to avoid any snack-cidents!

How to eat healthy on the go

Next time you’re out and about, refer to these top tips to make sure you stay firmly on board the healthy-eating train. In need of some meal-prepping direction? Our top tips to master the meal prep should help. You can also find more expert nutritional advice over on our blog.