Healthy lunch ideas

It’s the macronutrient we love to hate. The food group we favour when we’ve had a bad day or need some feel-good flavour. But, seriously, why do carbs have such a bad rep?! Believe it or not, carbohydrates are an essential part of every diet, so here’s 5 reasons why you should eat more of them! Now, pass us the bread!


1) They provide energy


You wouldn’t drive a car with no fuel so why expect your body to function without the energy it needs? Glucose is your body’s number one energy source and, you guessed it, carbs contain glucose, so filling up on whole carbs such as veggies, wholegrains and nuts is a great way to boost your energy and fuel your day.


2) They improve heart health


You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you dig into a delicious, carby bowl of pasta? True love, right? But carbs benefit your heart in other ways too! Research suggests that wholegrain carbs, such as breads, pastas, and grains such as quinoa, help reduce your chance of heart disease, while also lowering your cholesterol. What’s not to love?


3) They curb appetite


If, like us, you’re a serial snacker or suffer from a constant rumbly belly, then filling up on carbs could be a great way to curb your appetite. Slow-release carbs, such as wholegrain oats (as seen in our Reload® bars), wholegrain breads and cereals and sweet potatoes, are ideal for keeping you feeling fuller for longer, as the body takes longer to break them down and convert into energy – this is also why they’re sometimes referred to as complex carbs. Opt for slow-release carbs for breakfast if you’re keen to curb those hunger pangs until lunch. Or, try to choose snacks high in slow-release carbs so they can fuel you between meals.


4) They boost mood


Down in the dumps? Getting in your RDA of carbs is a great way to lift your mood. Not only do most carbs taste great (enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, right?), but many contain tryptophan. Why is this important, you ask? Well, tryptophan helps your body to produce feel-good hormone serotonin, helping to alleviate conditions such as depression and also encouraging better sleep and mood. So, next time you’re feeling worse for wear, snacking on some nuts, seeds or fruit or ensuring your meals are filled with whole carbs is sure to get your mood back on track in no time!


5) They aid recovery


You probably don’t need another excuse to fill up on carbs but, guess what, we’re gonna give you one anyway! Carbs are an absolute must post-workout, as they directly replenish your glycogen stores, so the energy you’ve expended during exercise is replenished. After a workout, your body’s ability to soak up glycogen is heightened so it’s essential that you make the most of this and get some carbs in your system soon after a sweat sesh so you can benefit. So, what happens if you don’t consume carbs after a workout? Well, you’re likely to feel tired and it can also lead to prolonged muscle soreness. Not cool. Cram in those carbs post-workout and, not only will it aid recovery, but you’ll feel more energised for it.




Now, we’re all for embracing carb-life, but, remember, there’s such thing as ‘too much of a good thing’. Make sure you’re consuming a balanced diet by consuming carbs, fats and proteins. Not sure which carbs to go for? Read up on the difference between impact and non-impact carbs over on our blog. Want to lowdown on macros? You guessed it – our blog’s the place to go!