Fell off the fitness wagon this festive season? You’re not alone! As mince pies and mulled wine become a regular addition to your diet and the gym a distant memory, it can be hard to stay on track. But you don’t necessarily need a gym to add a little bit of cardio into your day. Here’s five super easy ways to get moving during the festivities – and, you won’t even notice you’re doing it!


1) Get decorative


From tinsel and baubles to fairy lights and wreathes, adding a little bit of festive cheer to your surroundings is sure to help you get a sweat on! Decorating your home or even dressing up your desk will get you moving and will help burn off that post-lunch mince pie.


2) Enjoy the great outdoors


So, you’ve already demolished your advent calendar, you’ve been choosing the ‘festive special’ on the lunch menu over your trusty chicken salad and the stress of Christmas shopping has forced you to crack into your alcohol stash weeks ahead of the big day. Don’t panic! There’s nothing more relaxing than getting outdoors and enjoying a frosty, festive walk around your local park or nature reserve. Not only will enjoying the great outdoors help you de-stress during what can be a pretty chaotic time of year, but it’ll also help you burn off those extra calories so you can indulge guilt-free! Squeeze in a lunchtime stroll each day with your colleagues or take a few hours out of your Sunday to go for a post-dinner walk with the family.


3) Do your bit for charity


The festive season is all about helping out others (after you’ve helped yourself to your fifth hundredth pig in blanket, obvs) so, what better way to get into the spirit by helping out a local charity. Maybe you’re feeling adventurous and fancy taking on a run, walk or assault cause to raise money for your chosen charity? Or, maybe lending a hand at a local homeless shelter is more your kinda thing. Whatever you decide to do, it’s sure to get you moving while also helping those less fortunate – winning!


4) Swap the treadmill for the TV


Nope, we don’t mean simply sitting and watching telly, but, instead of slogging it out in the gym, why not set up your workout in front of the TV! That way, you can catch up on all your fave festive films and shows, while also sweating out those additional calories. And, it’s a great way to distract yourself while exercising (because, let’s face it, the treadmill can be pretty boring). Grab a skipping rope and get jumping or, if you have an exercise bike or cross trainer, position this in front of your screen for prime viewing. Or, you could even set up a body weight circuit – think crunches, squats, and press-ups. It needn’t be too tricky. Any movement is better than none at all.


5) Leave the car at home


Christmas shopping traffic getting on your nerves? Leave your car at home, where possible, and walk or use public transport instead. A quick walk to the bus stop or train station can be enough to get your heart racing and shed a few extra calories and, with no car in tow, you’ll be able to say yes to those festive after-work drinks – life’s all about balance, after all!



how to fit in cardio during christmas


See, cardio’s not all bad! If you’re in need of more ways to get creative with your workouts during the festivities, head over to our blog and check out our top tips on how you can get fit for free!