How to boost self confidence


Sadly, you can’t buy confidence. And, for many of us, it’s in short supply, with self-doubt creeping in whenever we step outside of our comfort zone. If it’s self-belief you’re after, then give these easy tips a go and benefit from a lil confidence boost.


Help someone out


So, how is this benefiting me, you ask? Well, putting your skills to good use and helping someone out is a great way to showcase what you’re good at. Maybe DIY’s your thing? Give a friend a hand decorating their new home. Or, maybe the gym is where your true talents come to the surface – get your gym-phobe friend to join your next session and show them the ropes. Whatever your forte, there’s sure to be someone who wishes they shared your skill, so help them out and, not only will you be doing a good deed, but it’ll reaffirm your talents and give you a much-needed confidence boost.


Get out of your comfort zone


The old saying goes “Do one thing each day that scares you”, and we couldn’t agree more! In order to build confidence, you need to get out of your comfort zone. Comfort, unfortunately, doesn’t usually result in growth, so if you’re looking to develop a certain skill, grab hold of that promotion at work or progress in the gym, you’ll need to take the plunge and do something a lil scary! It can be pretty intimidating stepping into the unknown; adding an extra plate onto your barbell, presenting your business plan to the office, whatever it is, it’s natural to feel nervous. But, when you inevitably succeed, you’ll wonder why you didn’t risk it sooner!


How to improve your confidence


Embrace failure


Failure hurts. Yes, you can (and should) try again and “it’s not the end of the world”, but there’s no denying that failure can be pretty painful, no matter how big or small. But, as weird as it sounds, you really should learn to embrace failure. Welcome it with open arms because, not only does it make you a stronger person, but you’ll learn from your mistakes, allowing you to do even better next time! Use ‘failure’ to test the waters; to make the mistakes you definitely want to avoid the next time round. Yes, it hurts, but don’t’ dwell – pick yourself up and try again!


Track your successes


We’re all so busy moving onto the next thing on our lengthy to-do lists that we rarely stop to sit back and appreciate our successes. Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve achieved. It’s super easy to feel as if you’re on the treadmill of doom, taking step after step and still making no progress. Try writing down all the things you’ve achieved in the last year – it could be a promotion at work, purchasing that item you’ve been saving for or something as simple as introducing a set bedtime so to ensure you’re getting enough sleep. Noting down your achievements makes them more tangible and you’re likely to realise just how much you should be giving yourself credit for!



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