What are the benefits of sports massage?

If you’re a regular in the weights room or a fan of all things cardio, then sports massage may be the perfect addition to your training. And, we’re not talking your typical spa-day treat – sports massage can be painful. But the benefits most definitely outweigh the potential discomfort. From easing muscle tension to reducing post-workout DOMS, here’s four reasons to book a sports massage today.

1) It can help ease muscle tension

Lifting weights, running a daily 5K or getting sweaty at your local spin class. While all of these are great ways to keep fit, there’s no denying that they all put stress on your body, which can lead to tight, tense muscles. Regular sports massages can release muscle tension and, over time, improve tissue pliability, which will decrease the chance of injury. When we push our bodies day in, day out, it’s normal to feel a little stiff but it can affect your progress in the gym and your general day to day functionality, so booking in for a sports massage could be a good shout.

2) It can reduce muscle pain

Pulled a muscle? Suffering from a constant ache that you just can’t seem to shift? Sports massage, used alongside physiotherapy, can help to reduce injury pain. In fact, research suggests that sports massage can decrease pain in areas such as the lower back and the shoulders, both common injury areas. Before booking your sports massage, it’s wise to inform your masseur about any injuries you may have so they know how to best treat you.

3) It can ease DOMS

If you’re a keen gym goer and like to keep fit, we can guarantee you’ll have been hit with dreaded DOMS at least once or twice in your life. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is no joke. Not only does it cause discomfort, but it can put your training to a halt – not something you want if you’re going for that PB. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that sports massage can actually decrease the symptoms of DOMS and assist with a speedier recovery after that heavy leg sesh. Sports massage helps to increase circulation, while also flushing out toxins that build up during exercise. This can help aid recovery and enable you to get back to your training faster.

4) It supports good posture

With 81% of office workers spending between 4 and 9 hours slumped at a desk every single day*, there’s no wonder our postures are suffering. Long periods of sitting still can cause our muscles to shorten and can also increase your chance of suffering a repetitive strain injury due to inactivity. Regular sports massages can help release muscles and can also counteract the damage caused by poor posture.

Googling your local sports masseur as we speak? We don't blame you! If you're looking for more advice on keeping your body in tip top condition, head over to our blog to find out how you can prevent muscle injury during the colder winter months.

*Statistic courtesy of workplaceinsight.net