Fitness myths


As the festivities fizzle out and the dreaded January blues kick in, that post-Christmas pressure to sort your sh*t out hits hard and it can be tough not to buy into every single fitness tip and trick social media has to offer.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with setting goals. And, as much as we love a good Christmas knees-up, there’s no better feeling than getting back on track after a December filled with food, fizz and not much else. But, in a bid to lose weight, build muscle or simply regain our pre-Christmas fitness, many of us get drawn in by fads and ‘gym hacks’ that just don’t work.


So, to make sure you’re starting 2020 on the right foot, here’s four popular fitness ‘tips’ you really ought to ignore!

‘X' exercise will help you lose weight from ‘X' body part


Hate to break it to ya but, nope, you can’t decide which area of the body your weight loss comes from. So, sweating it out on the stair master won’t shrink your stomach, pushing through hour after hour on the treadmill won’t make your double chin disappear and circuits five times a week won’t trim down your thighs. Where you lose fat from is all down to genes. Yes, certain weighted exercises can shape and tone different areas of the body to create the illusion of a slimmer waist or stacked shoulders, but you can’t pick and choose where your body burns fat from – soz.

The more exercise, the better


Wanna burn yourself out before the year’s even begun? Nope, didn’t think so. Contrary to popular belief, more isn’t always more. With exercise, it’s quality over quantity. The pressure will probably see you heading to the gym seven times a week, smashing out a heavy weights sesh followed by the cardio that’ll leave you jelly-legged. Go in with this mindset and prepare for your motivation to waver mid-week, especially if you don’t usually exercise at all.


Schedule a set number of sessions each week, giving yourself at least 2 rest/light activity days. That way, you’ll leave yourself time to recover and you’re less likely to run out of motivation. You’ll also have the energy to push yourself through your workout so you can reap the benefits rather than run yourself down.


You can only lose weight by doing cardio


Lies. If cardio gives you the creeps, good news. You don’t need to tie yourself to the treadmill in order to achieve weight loss. Believe it or not, weight training can support fat loss too. Not only can you get a proper sweat on lifting heavy weights or smashing out the reps, regular weightlifting has also been proven to increase the metabolism and, as you know, a high metabolism is great for aiding fat loss.


The best time to workout is in the morning/in the evening


Another myth. Don’t get us wrong, both have pros and cons, for example, some people prefer to cram their session in first thing when have more energy, while others would rather save their workout for the evening and benefit from an extra hour in bed in the morning.


The truth is, it doesn’t really matter when you workout. The main thing is that you’re actually working out. So, make it work for you because choosing unreasonable times will make it harder to stick to and set you up for failure before you’ve even started.



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