belly fat burning exercises at home


Looking to get lean this lockdown? We got you! Here's four super easy exercises that'll help you shed fat without even setting foot in a gym! These simple but tough exercises can be performed anywhere, at any time, so no more excuses! Simply throw them into your existing workouts or do a few rounds of each exercise each day – a bit like a HIIT circuit.


Who said burning fat had to be hard?! Give these exercises a go and let us know how you get on!




Controversial, yes. But, no matter how much you hate this staple exercise, you can’t deny it’s pretty damn good. Not only does the burpee help shed body fat but it will also up your general fitness if done regularly. The burpee is a triple-threat, working and toning three different areas of the body: arms, legs and core, meaning you may suffer but it’ll most definitely be worth it! No pain, no gain!


Mountain climbers


Sorry, another toughie. We’ve all been there – mid way through a set of these bad boys, wondering whether taking on Everest would actually be an easier option. But this killer move is a fat-burning must and targets whole load of different body parts – deltoids, biceps, triceps, abs, quads, you name it, mountain climbers will see your fat loss soar and your body tone.




Now, you may think skipping is reserved solely for boxers and children under 10 but, trust us on this one – this super easy exercise has so many benefits. As well as improving heart rate, full body toning and improving bone density, skipping contributes to fat loss, burning around 300 calories in just 30 minutes! And, just like the rest of the moves on this list, skipping can be done absolutely anywhere. Just grab a rope and go! In your garden, down your local park, there’s no excuse not to get sweaty with a bit of skipping.


Jump squats


Add some energy to your bog-standard body-weight squat by adding in a jump! This move is sure to get your heart-rate going and, by using a wider stance, you’ll activate the glutes and work a larger number of muscles than a traditional narrow stance. Alongside your butt, jump squats also target calves, hamstrings and your lower back, making this simple yet effective move a winner all round. Throw them in between weighted squats for a lower body pump or, for added intensity, add in a kettlebell and feel the burn!



Pretty simple, huh? None of these exercises are rocket science. You’ve probably done them all before (and you lived to tell the tale, so they can’t be that bad, right?!) Losing body fat doesn’t need to be hard, which is why we’ve kept it simple with these super versatile moves that can be thrown into any routine! Which will you be incorporating into your workouts?


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