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There's no place like home, right? Which is why we're all about ditching the gym and getting sweaty in the comfort of our living room! But, without gym equipment and inspiration from spying on fellow gym-goers, most of us find it tough to give a home-workout our all, quitting after a few sets of crunches and push-ups. But, just cos you're at home doesn't mean you can't have a killer workout! These four home-workout routines from Team Grenade® are sure to get you motivated!

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Core home-workout


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This killer core workout from Hayley Madigan is ideal for those set on sculpting their abs. Featuring ab essentials such as the side plank and V sit-ups, there's a good variety of exercises here and Hayley provides options for both beginners and pros so everyone can get involved!

Full body, no equipment home-workout




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Can't decide which body part to train? How about giving this full body burner a go! It'll hurt, but you're sure to see results from the sweaty routine, brought to you by Nathan McCallum. Yes, it's weight-free but that doesn't mean it won't get that heart racing! Working everything from quads and core, to shoulders and chest, the DOMS will be real after a a few rounds of this circuit.


Glute home-workout



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Ready to feel the burn? You'd better prepare yourself for this glute sesh from Chelsea Andersen cos it's no joke. This workout can be used ahead of a leg or glute sesh to activate your glutes or why not try it out alone, repeating for a few rounds to really feel the heat! Featuring glute bridges, crab walks and kickbacks, Chelsea has also added in a resistance band into this workout to really get you sweating but, don't worry, these exercises are effective without a band too.


Full body, resistance band home-workout




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You can't go wrong with a full body workout, right? Which is why we've throw in another for you, this time from Nathan Williams. The PT showcases various ways you can use a resistance band to add some intensity to your home-workout. Like what you see? Well, he's uploaded a second part to this workout over on his Instagram so if you enjoyed this workout, be sure to check out the second half now!


Who else is jumping on the home-workout hype? If you need more workout ideas and inspiration, check out our 4 tips on how you can get fit at home. You can also head over to our Instagram where we'll be sharing our fave home-workouts for you to try out.


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