Struggling to get back into the swing of things? Getting back into your work routine can be tough but having a delicious, healthy lunch to look forward to can help! These tasty high protein recipes are super quick and easy, can be altered depending on your taste and are ideal for batch cooking.


Packed with veggies and filled with flavour, these delicious recipes are sure to make you the envy of your colleagues. Each recipe makes four servings (because we believe in treating yourself on a Friday - why not?!) Be sure to let us know which ones you try out - we'd love to see your foodie photos too, so don't forget to tag us on @grenadeofficial.


Chicken Burrito Bowl




With 50g of protein per serving and a whole host of flavours and textures, you won't get bored of this tasty Chicken Burrito Bowl. Featuring spicy chicken, kidney beans, deliciously chunky avocado and basmati rice, this dish may sound tricky to whip up but it's super easy, we promise!


Spinach and Chickpea One-Pot Curry




One for all the vegans and veggies out there, this tasty Spinach and Chickpea Curry is ideal for those cold winter days or when you're in need of something a little comforting. This recipe is full of veggies and protein-packed chickpeas. It also includes a creamy coconut sauce with a fiery kick - remember, if you're not a fan of spice, you can always lay off the chillis. These recipes can be easily altered to suit your pallet so no need to worry if heat's not your thing. Each portion of this one-pot wonder is only 339 calories so it's ideal for those trying to cut back following the festivities.


Healthy Chow Mein




You can't beat a Chinese takeaway, right? Well, this delicious Healthy Chow Mein recipe isn't far off. Just like the rest of our meal-prep recipes, this noodle dish is so quick and easy to make and is filled with veg so you can pack in your five-a-day. High in protein and low in fat, you're onto a real winner if it's a healthy yet satisfying lunch you're looking for.


So, who's meal prepping this Sunday? Get yourself in the kitchen and prepare yourself for the week ahead with this quick, easy and healthy eats.


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