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Snack Pack

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    Snack Pack

£35.00 £50.91 (Bundle saving of £15.91)

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Snack Pack

Snack Pack

£35.00 Was £50.91 (Bundle saving of £15.91)

  • Choose your box of Carb Killa® Protein Bars

    Carb Killa® Protein Bar / Apple Rumble / 12 Bars
  • Choose your pack of 330ml Carb Killa® Protein Shakes

    Carb Killa® Protein Shake / 8 Pack (330ml) / Banana Armour

Buy a box of Carb Killa® Bars and a pack of Carb Killa® Shakes for just £35! Stock up on your favourite 12 Bar Box of Carb Killa® Bars and 8 Pack of 330ml Carb Killa® Shakes - choose between any of our flavours to make the perfect Snack Pack for you!

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