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We made a movie with Diversity!

Announcing our epic new partnership with Diversity in February, we told you to keep your eyes peeled! 👀

Well, keep them peeled no longer as ‘The Recovery’ has just dropped – an explosive short film starring Diversity and directed by none other than Ashley Banjo.

Within the 12-minute extravaganza, the BAFTA Award winning group stars as an elite unit, working hard to retrieve a stolen case of our new Grenade Energy Functional Energy Drink. Why? Because consuming it results in a serious upgrade of strength, agility, concentration and recovery that can be seen to spectacular effect within the movie.

Tasked with infiltrating enemy defenses to return the case, this’ll be no easy task for Diversity. Between the car chases, underground vaults, tanks, helicopters and gunfire, will the team be able to complete the mission? Or will they fail for the very first time?

Diversity founder, Ashley Banjo, commented, “The Recovery really does feel like a world first by combining dance with the high-octane stunts and visual effects of a Hollywood action movie. Think Step Up meets The Fast and the Furious with an explosive helping of Call Of Duty and then you’re somewhere close! We hope our fans have as much fun watching it as we have making it.”

Grenade CEO, Alan Barratt commented, “It’s not everyday you get to work with a BAFTA Award winning team, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. With Diversity and Grenade both disruptive brands in their own right, it’s a brand partnership made in heaven, sharing a daring tone of voice to create something truly special, and different to what’s come before.”

Want to see what all the fuss is about and level up your workouts? Shop Grenade Energy now. Available in three mouth-watering flavours including Cherry Bomb (sour cherry flavour), Sun of a Beach (tropical pineapple, orange and coconut flavour), and Berried Alive (strawberry & blueberry flavour), our sugar-free, zero calorie functional energy drinks are packed with natural caffeine, with the functional benefits of vitamins, electrolytes and BCAAs.

Diversity X Grenade - The Recovery



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